Gretna Green Wedding Photography

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Gretna Green Wedding Photography | Charlotte & Russ

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Gretna Green Wedding Photography | Charlotte & Russ

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Gretna Green
Wedding Photography

This was my first time photographing at Gretna Green and hope it isn’t my last! Gretna Green is a world renowned for a place to tie the knot. It has a vast history dating back to the 18th Century. In the middle of the 18th-century English law, lords approved new laws to tightened marriage arrangements. Couples had to reach the age of 21 before they could marry without their parents’ consent and their marriage had to take place in a church.

Scottish law, however, was different: you could marry on the spot, in a simple ‘marriage by declaration’, only requiring two witnesses and assurances from the couple that they were both free to marry. With such a relaxed arrangement within reach of England, it soon led to many young couples running-away to marry over the border. Gretna Green was the first village in Scotland and conveniently situated on the main route from London into Scotland on the M6. Today it still proves to be an incredibly popular wedding destination in the UK. If you are interested in getting married at Gretna Green and you wanted to find out more here.

Charlotte & Russ’s wedding at Gretna Green 

Charlotte and Russ got married at Gretna Green Hall and it was an incredible wedding. As a wedding photographer, I meet many couples, I have known Charlotte for a number of years, but I met Russ recently and It is safe to say these two are wonderful humans and this wedding was with some of the best people I have ever met at a wedding.

Gretna Hall (or ‘Graitney Hall’ as it has been known in the past) has many interesting historical associations.  For many years the Estate of Gretna belonged to the Johnstone family, and Graitney Hall was erected in 1710 as the family mansion.  The coat of arms of the Johnstone family, with the year in which the hall was built, is engraved above the principal entrance and is still present to this day. Present day it is one of the main venues in Gretna and it is easy to see why. Beautiful grounds, impressive buildings this place was a wonderful place to photograph.

I met with Charlotte, bridesmaids and family in the morning and it was such a great morning. The drinks were flowing and everyone was having a great morning. We then headed the very short distance to Gretna Green Hall for the ceremony, confetti, group photos and couples portraits.

An emotional wedding ceremony at Gretna Green Hall 

It was clear to see that this wedding meant a lot to the bride and groom. They had previously been delayed due to Coronavirus earlier in the year and decided just a few weeks ago to tie the knot in Gretna. I have to say I think this was a wonderful idea – an amazing day spent at Gretna Green.

Doesn’t matter how many, It’s who.

Normally I photograph weddings with 70-150 guests. This wedding had 20 guests including myself and I have to say, it is up there as one of my favourite ever weddings. Which proves to me it doesn’t matter where, when or how much money you spend on your wedding. It is who you invite, I would always make sure you choose your photographer carefully to ensure you get the best memories possible. The evening party was fantastic, everyone had a great time and I just think the photos completely reflect the love and happiness this couple have with their friends and family. It is also clear they know how to choose some of the most crazy guests ever seen in a wedding.

flower girl having her make up done at Gretna GreenMother of groom opening a drinkBridesmaid having a drinkBride having make upFlower girl looking at her mum have make upGuest helping mum put on shoes

Bride looking in mirrorBride walking into ceremonyBride looking at groomWedding vowsVows at Gretna GreenFirst kiss at Gretna Greenbride hugging her mumBride hugging father in lawConfetti shot at Gretna Greenbride hugging bridesmaid in lovely light

Bride greeting her sonPhoto of bridesmaidsBride and groom walkingBride and groom portraitssilhouette of bride and groomPage boy laughingGroomsmen with hands in airBride laughing with hands in hairMother of groom laughingGroom speech and bride laughing

Brides mum crying on top tableBride crying during speeches at Gretna GreenBride crying when her mum is readingBest man speech with bride holding his handBride hugging best manBridesmaids laughingBride and groom dancingGrooms parents dancing at Gretna GreenBridesmaid dancing

Wedding guests dancingWedding guest hugging brides mumGuest holding a chair in the airMother of groom dancingWedding guest opening Proseccowedding guest having a hand put in her faceMother of groom writing in bookBest man being stopped from drinkingGroom carrying wedding guestwedding guests drinking shots at Gretna Green

Groom hitting best mans bum in Gretna GreenGroom biting part of brides dressBride dancing on a table at Gretna Greenflower girl hiding under tablewedding guests drinking

Bride and bridesmaid fallen on the floor at Gretna Green

Groom and guest dancing

Relaxed, Natural & Unobtrusive Wedding Photography 

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer you’re in the right place. I have worked at this awesome venue several times and if you’re looking for a natural, relaxed & unobtrusive wedding photography then please get in touch. I really enjoyed working at Gretna Green.  If you would like to have a read about how I work then this is my approach.

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