Favourite Documentary Aisle Photos

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Favourite Aisle Photos

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Favourite Aisle Photos

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Aisle Photos

One part of the day which everyone wants a photo of is the bride/groom walking down the aisle and the bride/groom’s reaction. Some of course show little or no emotion because they are so nervous. But some – let it all out and can’t hide the fact they are about to get married. It doesn’t matter who the person is, I have seen the all sorts of people cry, and some that I wouldn’t have ever thought they would.  It has been awesome to capture and for those couples to keep as a memory for ever. That’s what wedding photos are – memories of a day that isn’t for now – they are for the future. To show your children and grandchildren – a moment in family history. 

So in no particular order here are some of my favourite documentary photos of the bride/groom walking down the aisle.

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Groom bride and father of bride laughing

Bride and groom laughing during the vows

Bride wiping away a tear from groombride and groom laughingBride and her dad looking at each other in the church

Relaxed, Natural & Unobtrusive Wedding Photography

My style of photography is relaxed, natural and unobtrusive, capturing the day as it happens. What that means is almost completely unposed wedding photography throughout the whole day. I want you to spend time with your friends and family and ignore me. I am a really laid back and relaxed wedding photographer that will capture your wonderful day as it happens, with minimal fuss and no waiting around. If your getting married or anywhere else then please get in touch.

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