Fathers Day Favourites

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Father’s Day Favourites

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Father’s Day


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Father’s Day


Father’s Day – the day of the year in which I dread but love. Dread because my own dad passed away in 2015, whom I miss everyday, and love because I am myself a dad to Alby who I spend most of my time with – the four year old hurricane that makes me laugh every single day. In weddings I meet a lot of ‘dads’ they consist of step dads, grandads, single dads and friends of dads who are no longer here but stepped in to fill that dad role. I capture precious moments between dads and their daughter/sons and family members that will last a life time. That is of course what photos are – moments in time that people can view for years to come. When those people are no longer with us – you have your memory and you can also have photos to look back and treasure. In wedding I constantly look for moments to document.  I don’t want posed, I just want to tell the story of your wedding as it happens. Some of the following moments are a mix of moments from throughout the wedding.

For me – my own dad is no longer here but I have photos of him in my office, in my wallet, in my living room and in my kitchen. I talk to my son about his grandad almost every day – whom he only ever met for 6 short weeks of his life. My advice – see your parents as often as you can, look after them, treat them well. I moved home from Australia and moved to Liverpool to look after and see my dad and it was the best decision I ever made. I would have always regretted not spending that time with my dad for those 2 years of his life that I was home for. I also have to say take photos. They are important moments in history that you can look back on and smile.

I don’t actually have many photos of my dad from growing up. Probably because I was too cool to be seen around my dad and spent most my time messing about with my mates at every opportunity. I would also say I occasionally had quite a strained relationship with my dad until I was about 18. Some of my best  memories from nights out in Aberystwyth would be walking down to the 24 hour spar and seeing my dad in work at the post office at 5am. He would be working and I would be pissed trying to kiss him or blag a lift home. The unfortunate times for him that I would come home and he would be in bed I would elbow drop him in bed. I bet he loved it really, although at the time he would go mad. Similar things happen to me now with my  four year old – except he isn’t pissed – just wants to get in bed with me at 4am!

This is one of the only photos I have of my dad and my son. I love it and was taken about a month before my dad passed away.

This is of course my amazing four year old son Alby. Whom makes me laugh everyday.


Here are a selection of my favourite photos from weddings that I have captured that show how special dad’s are. Laughter, carrying dresses, emotional speeches, funny speeches and other moments I loved being a part of.

bride laughing to speechbride hugging her dad

Mum crying during dads danceFather of bride speech, bride cryingFather of the bride speechfirst look between bride and her dadbride and her dad walking into St Mary's churchaward winning image masters of wedding photographyGuests dancing with masks on face

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