Top Parent Moments

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Top Parent Moments

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Top Parent Moments 

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I feel that various things in your life shape you as a person. I also genuinely believe that as a photographer things that happen in your life shapes you as a photographer. We are currently going through something as a world population that will have devastating impacts for many. Having lost my dad 4 years ago I feel I have become someone focussed on moments between the bride or groom and their parents. Not just emotional but hilarious moments as well. These photographs are moments in your family history and ones you will look back at in time with great fondness. 

Losing a parent is tough and although part of life means thats inevitable I honestly love capturing those real moments between the groom and their mum or dad. Being a photographer isn’t just about clicking a button, it is the anticipation, the patience, the positioning and many more things. I set clear expectations to my couples that I don’t want them to just look at the camera and smile. We also talk in detail before the day about what they can expect to happen during the day. One being to ensure that they tell their mum and dad to not focus on me when they see them for the first time in the morning, I am just there with the camera to document what is happening, I am not the focus – the bride or groom is the focus. For the purpose of this blog – it is just the bride! The groom will have their moment in another blog coming soon! 

So with that being said – here are some of my favourite moments between a bride or groom and their parents.

Father of the bride dancing and mum cryingGroom bride and father of bride laughing

Bride and her mum laughingbride and father sitting in wedding carfather of bride holding head whilst other people laugh

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