Wedding Insurance & Coronavirus

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Coronavirus &  
Wedding Insurance

You may have noticed on every single media channel, newspaper, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & much more that at the moment there is this little thing called Coronavirus! Obviously – I am a wedding photographer and not a specialist on this virus or any type of virus to be fair – but I wanted to share my thoughts on this and how it may impact on your wedding and what you should do. 
At the moment we don’t know what Boris and the government will do in the next few weeks, months. Personally, I am yet to buy more toilet roll or long life milk and have no plans to do so as I don’t think it have any negative impact on me or any of my couples.  
However, it is better to be safe than sorry and who knows what 2020 has in store for us. What I do know is at the moment my approach to weddings and my day to day business is to carry on as normal, meet couples how I normally do and approach the day as I always do. Essentially, nothing is changing. 
So, please don’t think I am writing this out of fear or anything like that, as that’s not the case. I would always advise my couples to take out insurance regardless of Coronavirus. I just care about all of my couples and want to make sure that you get the adequate advice and support as I am sure some will be worried. If you have any questions or want to have a chat then please just get in touch, I am happy to help. 

So, what is wedding insurance?

Put simply, wedding insurance is a policy that will cover you financially if something happens on or before your wedding incase it needs to be cancelled or postponed. 

Why should you have wedding insurance?

Obviously this is your own choice but it will cover you financially if something does happen. In regards to Coronavirus what most insurance companies are saying is that if you or an immediate family member fall sick or have to go into isolation you will be covered as long as you can provide official medical records stating as much. It is also obvious that if your wedding venue has to close for a period of time or if the geographical area that your venue is located are told to isolate to control any outbreak then you will be covered. These are all things out of our control and it could be a very expensive and upsetting time if you have to cancel or postpone the wedding but at least you will have the financial peace of mind that you will be able to rebook everything.

Small disclaimer here – you should have wedding insurance regardless of Coronavirus.

Couples portrait at SandholeWedding Insurance Small Print

One thing to do when booking your wedding insurance is to check the small print. A key thing that I have noticed when researching this topic is that you will only be covered before anything such as illness to the couple or immediate family members and if there is any kind of lock down on your wedding venue or the geographical area that the venue is located if you have already purchased the insurance before the outbreak or issue. So what the means is – if you get cover from tomorrow you will be fine. But if you get any form of symptom and then get insurance – you won’t be covered.

I have also seen that John Lewis has suspended people being able to take their wedding insurance policy, hopefully other companies don’t follow suit but this is something to keep in mind as time goes on, and obviously we see more cases in the UK.

Wedding Insurance Providers

Again from researching wedding insurance I have come across the following providers that seem to be very popular. Price seems to vary from £30 – £100. Make sure you cover yourself for all wedding expense and obviously as stated above check the small print to ensure you’re covered against the impact that Coronavirus may have.

In reality this is unprecedented and we have no idea what is going to happen but I am a firm believer that people should take out insurance regardless of this Coronavirus.

So that you can get more quotes I have also provided a link to Money Supermarket so that you can compare other companies as well.

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