My Approach

My Approach

In short, my approach to weddings is to ensure that you get to spend as much time with your friends and family as possible, whilst I capture the day as it unfolds in a natural, timeless way. I am by nature, a very relaxed and happy person and this comes through in my approach to wedding photography. I should also say, I don’t mind going that step further to ensure I get the photos that you deserve. I have even been known to lie in wet grass, walk into a lake or climb up a tree.

Photos of Andy at work

Natural, Relaxed and Unobtrusive 

On your special day I don’t just turn up with my camera out and start taking photos straight away. I much prefer to chat to you and your wedding party, find out how things are going and make you feel at ease about being in front of the camera, as for many it can be a daunting task. I make it as fun, relaxed and natural as possible, it’s simple- do not worry about me, do not worry about walking in front of the camera or where I am – just carry on, enjoy your day and allow me to tell your story. Guests frequently comment on how they didn’t even realise I was there, whilst my couples are thrilled that the atmosphere of the day was captured in the photographs I take. Natural photos by Andy Griffiths Photography

Creative Photography

In every wedding I am lucky enough to photograph, I always look to see how I can shoot differently. Sometimes it might be with a bit of camera flash or it could just be capturing the natural sun light shining through. From the first photograph to the last, I strive for excellence, always looking for that moment which is different, the moment to stand out from the crowd.

The Family Photos!

Ahhh the family photos – normally people’s least favourite part of the day! I try and make it as easy and as pain free as possible. Of course, I will take formal family photos if you would like them. However, I recommend a maximum of 10 or 12 group photos, otherwise it takes too long and takes you away from enjoying your day with your friends and family. My relaxed approach to family photos is made so much easier by asking you to tell me prior to the day which ones you would like to ensure I don’t miss any, but also to make it a stress free environment.

Mix of group photos

The Couple Portraits!

This is what may separate me from other photographers, this is simply a time for you to be you, taking a moment out from one of the biggest days of your life. No awkward poses, it’s not a drawn out affair and it’s not uncomfortable. All I ask is for 20-30 minutes, normally during the turn around time of the wedding or just before the wedding breakfast. This means you get to spend as much time enjoying your day without being worried about me – your wedding photographer.

I offer some direction on the day, which is normally something like – “You see that sunlight coming through the trees, just walk down there and have a moment, a kiss/ cuddle or just a chat – it’s up to you”.

The important thing is that the happier you are, the less you look at the floor and the more affectionate you are – the easier my job is!

I always suggest to go out for couple photos twice, as the golden hour (sun set) is a great opportunity to capture those memorable moments because of the light, atmosphere and scenery.

Couple photos

The Party!

Everyone loves a good party and I am no different. I will be in amongst it during the evening, making sure I capture all the shapes being thrown! I normally have a couple of flashes set up in the corners of the room which then allow me to document the evening as it happens. I always think the party photos can make for the best photos of family and friends!

If you want me to stay later (normally 10.30pm) then just let me know.

Looking For The Special Moments

So, in summary I always strive to find the little moments between people to really tell the story. I always get told how people didn’t realise I was even there to get “that shot”. From the moment I arrive at your wedding until the moment I leave I am constantly looking for what I can shoot, whether that is the ambient light, cool features or stunning scenery. I push myself constantly. I also have to say that my approach to wedding photography isn’t just about capturing the bride and groom, but all those little moments that may be fun or tinged with sadness.  I look for these before they happen and ensure I am prepared when they do. My job is to: 1. capture the moment, 2. capture the reactions to the moment.

Overall, for me – it is all about producing fantastic images throughout. So if you are looking for a relaxed, natural and unobtrusive wedding photographer in Lancashire or across the UK then I would love to have a chat, so please simply fill out my contact form and I will get in touch with you asap.

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